A company’s logo design can make or break its business prospects in the market.
A professionally designed logo is capable of establishing a good and everlasting relationship with the audience.
A poorly designed logo will inevitably fail to communicate a business message and ultimately harm the business of a company.

Know the Brand

Make sure to gain insight into the brand before setting out to design a logo. The logo needs to reach the defined target market and targeted customers.

Reflects Nature of Your Business

The colours and images used in the logo should align with the business and the products or services to be delivered.

Impression is Crucial

Your logo design should make a lasting impression on the market and the customers. Just a glance at your logo is enough to mesmerize the people.

Use Colours in Planned Ways

Colours play a crucial role in determining a brand’s message and personality. Use bright and bold colours to grab people’s attention and evoke an emotion.

Pick Typefaces/Fonts Carefully

Avoid using gimmicky fonts and use unique fonts that you should create especially for the logo. By using the right colours you will create logo and brand identity both.

Chose Type of Logo

Having a logotype, with the company name visible to the customers immediately means that your logo will become the brand’s advertisement and tell your company name to the people

Keep it Simple

Viewers should get the message at first glance of the logo. Too many confusing colours and fonts or a complex shape of the logo will send a mixed signal to the viewers.

Make it Scalable

A quality of a great logo is that it is easily scalable. When the logo is scaled up to larger proportions, the logo should look impressive.


In creating a powerful logo design, it should be a unique but simple design that conveys a brand message and it should be a versatile and scalable logo.

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