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Our Services


To develop a cohesive marketing strategy one needs to have a detailed understanding of company goals, the target market and the correct approach to reach them.

With over 30 years experience in marketing, Wolff has the ability to truly understand your business, what it represents, and what you’re looking to show the world through your assets.

Wolff has delivered outstanding results for many brands with demonstrable expertise in:

• Customer research
• Content strategy
• Marketing strategy
• Communications strategy
• Integrated campaigns
• Social media planning


Branding is at the core of everything we do. Every design, every detail, every decision is purposefully crafted to strengthen our client’s brands.

Our recipe for branding success is fundamentally simple – it’s a collaborative process that begins with some introspection and discovery then explores strategic and creative options and culminates with the launch of an authentic brand that simply cannot be ignored.

Wolff branding capabilities include:

• Brand communication
• Brand visualisation
• Brand guidelines
• Brand collateral
• Brand audit

Graphic Design

Great design connects people to companies, products and brands, seamlessly and easily.  It provides your customers with instant recognition and simple paths to engage with your brand.

We pride ourselves on creating meaningful connections between brands and people through all types of design elements including:

• Brand & logo design
• Creative direction
• Packaging
• Advertising material
• Print management

Website Design

In this day and age, businesses require a website for the most basic of services. To stand out from competitors, websites have to be functionally well designed and presented to capture maximum customer attention with a solid call to action.

Wolff designers work in with our clients to understand the site purpose, potential audience, product or service, traffic and customer requirements when conceptualising designs to ensure a great outcome that helps meets business goals.

Wolff web design encompasses many different disciplines including:

• Graphic design
• User interface design (UI)
• User experience design (UX)
• Content creation
• Wireframing

Website Packages


Websites are no longer simply a shop window or information hub.  Great websites can also provide practical tools and functions that your customers need and will love.

Wolff develops affordable, custom-designed  business websites, along with a range of online digital marketing solutions, social media & SEO services that will bring your brands and products to the top of the search list.

Our responsive web development skills cover:

• Website development
• Web app development
• Information architecture (IA)
• Social media integration
• WordPress CMS integration
• SEO compliance
• Platform and plug-in integrations
• Reporting analytics


Websites are a cake of many layers with each layer having its own function and purpose and built using cutting-edge technologies.

Wolff developers implement best practice functional technology standards into all websites to be fast loading, mobile ready, tracking enabled, SEO savvy, CMS enabled, social media integrated, secure, and PWA blended.

Wolff prides itself on their technical expertise that builds high performance and robust systems to create seamless customer experiences with high user engagement.

The Wolff team technical capabilities:

• Website Hosting
• Domain Hosting
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• SSL Word Press
• Personal Web Applications (PWA)