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Brand Design Agency in Sydney

Part art and part science –  Strategic Brand Design, is a big part of Wolff Design’s holistic branding approach.

Wolff Design is a digital branding and design agency in Sydney that specialises in creating, planning and launching brands, and rebranding, and managing brand design strategies for clients, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion.

Wolff Design leverages its expertise across its core services to provide a sophisticated approach to brand development. Merged with the client’s business strategy, this collaborative approach is critical in developing engaging brands for every audience that get attention and earn loyalty. All of our creative work is strategic because strategic creative is the kind of work that gets both attention and results.

Wolff Design works holistically across the development of the brand to create an identity, programs and features that are categorically disrupting of the segment. We work to break through the clutter with speed, creativity, and rigor. We make the best decisions with invaluable research to back it up, and are thought partners with our clients.

Wolff Design creative is both strategic and smart, grounded yet lofty, and pushes the boundaries of possibility. Our outcome-focused services span research, strategy, creative, engagement and execution and include:

  • Brand and name equity research
  • Brand positioning development
  • Market segmentation and customer acquisition strategy
  • Positioning evaluation and messaging prioritisation
  • Customer experience journey
  • Effectiveness tracking and ROI measurement
  • Creative evaluation
  • Communications optimisation
  • Product and service innovation
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand strategy
  • Vision, mission, values development
  • Brand positioning and pillars
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Culture change
  • Voice of the brand messaging
  • Corporate identity
  • Face of the brand visual expression
  • Logo marks
  • Style guide
  • Website development
  • Internal and external brand launches
  • Social, digital and website development
  • Marketing collateral, campaigns and execution

To learn more about what we can do to assist you with your brand strategy and digital design needs, call Wolff Design today!