It’s interesting to think that the first point of contact with your audience will most likely be in the digital space.

It’s even more interesting to understand where and when and on which  screen  people will discover you. Why is it important..well it ‘s all about the context. If I discover you on my smartphone I’ll be in a different frame of mind than if  I discover you an a large screen….it ‘s  just a logical extension of  the old ‘Lean Forward vs Lean Back that Jakob Nielsen “the king of usability’  identified back in 1997.

Smartphones  have become the backbone of our daily media interactions yet if you’re like me (much to my wife’s horror) I will happily move from device to device. A laptop to a tablet to a smartphone. The device I choose is all about the context…..for me it’s either work or relaxation or being on the move.

– 90% of our daily media interactions are screen based and just 10% are via radio, newspapers and magazines…and most consumers are multi-tasking and juggling different activities at the same time..

Those folks from Google have put this  fascinating presentation together on ‘Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behaviour’

Well work a look…
Multiscreenworld Final