The relationship between Wolff Design and Treysta spans 5+ years and counting. Working together, we’ve designed and developed, then redesigned and redeveloped the Treysta website and other crucial elements of their branding and their story.

Initially, in 2014, Treysta approached us with a problem: much like their competitor’s websites within the financial industry, the Treysta website was confusing, hard to navigate and didn’t provide a simple user experience. They wanted a website that was technically sound, built to reflect their marketing strategy, optimised according to their brand positioning, as well as being interactive, emotive, empowering and personable from the perspective of clients.

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We took their brief and created a website with heart, that would communicate their value propositions, their fantastic services and their story so that it would resonate with visitors to the site. We also provided illustrations and icons to reduce the amount of text and inject a quirky, playful edge to welcome clients into an industry that, to outsiders, may seem a little intimidating.

Fast forward to 2020 and Treysta approached us again as they felt their industry had evolved and their competitors were running a tighter site operation. They proposed that the site needed a redesign and redevelop ASAP in order to simplify, regain clarity and improve the seamlessness of the user experience.
Again, the Treysta site was revamped by the Wolff pack and finished up with a clear objective, an effective user journey and brand story and a call to action that was set up to make a bold impression and illicit a reaction in potential clients.

2021 came with more Treysta action where we created an entirely new brand for their innovative ‘Money Moments’ campaign. This campaign required a logo design, EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail), landing page, social tiles and other elements to accompany their marketing strategy.

Without venturing too far from the Treysta style that their clients know and love, we decided to play with their colours, using more of the brighter orange than the typical blue. This kept within the Treysta branding requirements while setting ‘Money Moments’ aside as its own complementary entity.

The social tiles were designed across 5 different templates that promoted 3 key industry related messages, quotes and, of course, the star of the show: Money Moments. The EDM lifestyle campaign accompanied the social media tiles beautifully by outlining the Treysta story and their philosophy in order to allow readers to get to know their core values. We also included ‘Money Moment’ stories and prompted readers to send in their own ‘Money Moment’ questions in reply to the EDMs, creating an interactive, immersive experience.

We’re so grateful to have been able to walk with Treysta on their journey of brand self-discovery and website transformation. The Wolff Design team have taken away a wealth of new skills and financial industry knowledge from every interaction with their team. We’re looking forward to many more years of partnering with Treysta and helping them propel their brand as leaders in the financial industry.


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