Redilight distributes solar panel LED lighting systems that capture free energy from the sun to efficiently power LED light fittings in the home or office. Redilight’s mission is to be recognised throughout the world as the benchmark for a truly energy efficient lighting system that is not reliant on the power grid.

Redilight had an existing website but they decided to engage a specialist digital design agency to create a new and more competitive website that would generate incremental sales leads.

The brief to Wolff Design was to design the new site to be more user friendly, functional and very easy for their trade customers to search and get information, and pricing of its products. They wanted their customers to see a bright and “sunny” website that reinforces what they sell – solar lighting, have an easy-to-use purchase platform and above all they wanted to look like they were a significant company against their competitors.

The new website was significantly better that their old site – it generated more traffic, increased trade enquiries and resulted in improving revenues.


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Redilight Website Design
Redilight Website Design
Redilight Design
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Redilight Web Design