MGA have been leaders in providing risk advice, general insurance and solutions for financial exposures for Painters and Decorators for over 35-years. MGA offers tailoured policies covering PUBLIC LIABILITY, GENERAL PROPERTY/TOOLS OF TRADE, PERSONAL ACCIDENT, MOTOR VEHICLE, and other related business insurance.

MGA needed to promote their discounted insurance premiums and tailored Painting insurance cover and tasked Wolff with creating a striking website that speaks directly to the need and resolved a large gap in the MGA Insurance narrative.

The objective of the website was to convert users easily and simply with a minimum of input and stress. By developing a succinct dynamic quoting form for each of the 5 insurance categories Wolff increased the user conversion rate markedly and reduced the questions for the sales team.

Exampled below is a resource portal PDF document that helps to minimise lost or out of date documents freeing the staff up for more important tasks.