Impacts, a trailblazing company in the field of sustainable energy, collaborated with Wolff Design to transform its branding and online presence. Impacts pioneered a revolutionary approach to energy production, utilising solar heat as a clean alternative to fossil fuels, offering Industrial-Grade Green Heat at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional gas sources.

Wolff Design’s task was to capture the essence of this innovation in Impacts’ branding. The result was a striking logo that ingeniously incorporated an infinity symbol, signifying sustainability, and subtly evoked the shape of Australia, emphasising their where they are from. Wolff Design extended this thoughtful branding across all collateral, including business cards, letterheads, proposals, and in-house documents, ensuring a consistent and professional image for Impacts.

To effectively communicate Impacts’ groundbreaking work to a wider audience, Wolff Design designed and developed a website that seamlessly integrated the company’s vibrant rainbow of branding colours. This not only provided a visually captivating online presence but also emphasised Impacts’ commitment to environmental sustainability. Soft and familiar images were strategically employed throughout the website to resonate with viewers and convey the company’s eco-friendly mission. The result was a website that not only aligned with Impacts’ branding but also served as a powerful tool for educating and engaging visitors, solidifying Impacts’ position as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.


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